Donate to the children's ward in Samoa: Project Paeds

Some of you may remember our Girl Boss piece on the amazing Dr. Salote Vaai and Project Paeds Samoa. It's an incredible organisation making the hospital a happier and friendlier place for children and their families. 

Reporter/Director: Reina Vaai / Camera: Jack Tarrant / Editor: Anauli Karima Faiai / Produced by: Tagata Pasifika, SunPix Ltd. Thank you to Leilani Jackson, Salote Vaai, patients and families for allowing us to film. 

We need your help! If you have any items or gifts you would like to donate to these beautiful children, please see the poster below. Something so small could mean the world for another child across the ocean. I recently visited the children's ward in Samoa and I promise you, your donation will be received with so much love. 

TSW xx

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