Language of love

The theme for this year's Samoan language week is 'Alofa atu nei, Alofa mai taeao'. I wanted to explore the complexities and depths of our Samoan language and how it extends beyond words alone. The Samoan language can be expressed
through acts of love and kindness. This was particularly important to demonstrate because it was an opportunity to also raise awareness on how this expression of love and patience can be used to communicate and connect with our friends
from the disability community. Our gagana Samoa does not exclude or discriminate. It is a language of love; no restrictions, no conditions. This is what 'Alofa atu nei, Alofa mai taeao' means.

I am so grateful for my beautiful Nanna, my Uncle Hakai, his caregiver Lucia, my Masoe family, Charlotte and Christo
Montes for helping me put this together.

Ia manuia le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa xx

Director: Reina Vaai
Camera: Christo Montes
Editor: Charlotte Wanhill
Produced by: Tagata Pasifika - SunPix


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