Meet Juliana Brown Eyes-Kaho

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this incredible Tongan/Native American young woman through Tagata Pasifika!

Photo credit: Juliana Brown Eyes-Kaho 


Juliana grew up on the Pine Ridge Reserve in South Dakota. She hails from the Oglala Lakota, Sioux Tribe. Juliana grew up knowing very little about her Tongan culture and has only recently had the opportunity to meet her Tongan family. Thus, her journey to discovering her Tongan heritage, is still relatively new. Despite this, she has settled in comfortably with her Tongan family and is using her cultural background as inspiration for her art. Juliana is a photographer, musician and videographer. She is currently completing her artist residency with TAUTAI Pacific Arts in Auckland. See the link below from Tagata Pasifika to learn more about this amazing young lady. 

 Video credit: Tagata Pasifika, 2017


 Juliana and her family, reunited with her grandfather Toloafe Richard Kaho. Photo credit: Juliana Brown Eyes-Kaho.

"Water is life! We as Lakota people, believe that we are only as clean as our water, and as healthy as our Mother... Earth." - Scatter Their Own.

TSW xx

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