PUNIALAVA’A TRIBUTE - Vodafone Pacific Music Awards

There's no such thing as too many Samoan stories flooding your newsfeed on Samoan language week 😍❤ The amazing, incredible, talented and humble Punilavaa band received the lifetime achievement at the VPMAs and I was the
luckiest little rookie reporter in the world that got to interview them.

This was one of my favourite shoots and stories to put together. I only asked them to sit down and sing for us on camera ONCE. The rest of the shots of them singing were completely unplanned and we just rushed around them to capture the
magic. For so many years, different artists have covered their music without credit or acknowledgement. 50 years later, they deserve all the standing ovations and applause for their dedication and contribution to Samoan music.

Director: Reina Vaai
Camera: Christo Montes
Editor: Charlotte Wanhill
Produced by: Tagata Pasifika - SunPix

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