Telling Lione Fihaki's story

I remember the day I started preparing for Lione Fihaki's story.

Beautiful, strong, witty, kind, bold, loving Lione. 

Reporter/Director: Reina Vaai / Camera: Christo Montes, Matthew Perry / Editor: Charlotte Wanhill / Producer: SunPix, Tagata Pasifika 

Seven year old Lione was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Plontine Glioma, commonly known as DIPG. DIPG is an aggressive brain tumour that mainly affects children. The cause is unknown and despite the significant advances in medicine and technology, which have led to the effective treatment of other child cancers over the years, there is still no cure for DIPG. 

Lione’s brave battle against DIPG deserves to be celebrated and her journey is essentially a powerful way of raising awareness about this incurable disease. Lione's bravery and willingness to tell her story has taught me that the mark of a storyteller does not only lie within the actual stories that we tell but more importantly, in the hearts of people we meet. And the more we value the privilege of carrying these hearts close to us, the better prepared we are to share what’s carefully concealed within them.

Lione, thank you for teaching me the importance of being compassionate and courageous. I became a reporter because I wanted to meet someone exactly like you. Your husky giggle, sassy burns and cute compliments will continue to shine brightly in the souls you’ve touched forever. 

If you would like to donate towards finding a cure for DIPG please click here:

Vinaka vakalevu xx

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