What Your 2 cents Is Worth

When I first started this blog, I had grand visions about the kind of stories I would tell and how the online community would embrace them wholeheartedly. However, when I was getting close to releasing this blog, I completely chickened out. I was reluctant because I was afraid of putting my name beside my work. I was afraid of the potential backlash I would receive for any opinions or beliefs I expressed and I was insecure about the quality of my writing.

I wrestled with these thoughts for almost a year. Until I realized, wait. Shut up you conceited, self-centered idiot. Who gives a damn?! This isn’t a sad book about my worries and woes. I’m here to do something that I genuinely enjoy and am passionate about. Recently, my sis Parris Goebel (she actually has no idea that I exist) posted something on instagram. She said,

‘Don’t let the haters give you self doubt. We are powerful and there is magic within us. We will soar high and the negativity will be wallpaper to our art’.

I’m no Parris Goebel (well, give me a few tequila shots and I’ll dougie up a storm) but that is what I hope to do and inspire others to do through this blog. I’ve experienced my fair share of negativity and I’ve realized that sometimes, no matter how much you give, regardless of all the love and kindness you put into your thoughts and actions, there will always be people out there that will criticize your efforts. Don’t be distracted by these critics. Don’t let it cloud your vision. It’s just not worth it.

So, get out there. Believe in the whispers at the back of your mind and create beautiful things. Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m starting with this.

Et voila, my first truth for you all, #FukDaHaters

TSW xx



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