My name is Reina. I am a lawyer, journalist and blogger. Don't be impressed by any of these titles, it basically means that I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. 

I’ve seen a lot of fitness posts, healthy eating blogs and a large following for the glorious goddesses who take sexy selfies in their yoga pants, hashtag girlswhosquat. I’ll save you the trouble, I am none of the above. In fact, it’s 2 in the afternoon and I still haven’t showered.

Besides from being a part time hobo, I am young, brown and female.

In an attempt to dispel stereotypes and ill-informed generalizations, I want to use this as a platform to share things that I enjoy and are important to me. These will come alive in the form of written blog posts, pictures and videos. I hope that my posts inspire, empower and ultimately celebrate what it means to be young, female and brown in our world today. Statistics don’t define us. We are educated. We are styley. We are creative. We are here.

This is Truths She Wrote. 

P.S Speaking of truths, there is a part of my brain telling me, ‘Who the f*ck would want to read what you have to say?’ A totally valid question. Probably just my Mum. But if my stories inspire even just one person, I’ll be very happy (just one, because if I set the bar low, then I’ll always get over it).

I look forward to sharing with you all. I am going to have a shower now.

TSW xx